The safety features remind you when exceed speed – Pokemon Go

The safety features remind you when exceed speed – Pokemon Go

Pokemon go released a new version today with new updated feature. One of the features attracted me is that they will remind players when travelling exceed certain speeds. This could be a safety features after many car accidents surfaced on news because of playing Pokemon Go.

Phantomjs fails to load HTTPS issue as switching to tlsv1

I had an apps to use phantomjs to generate a report by using Google Charts.

The apps will spawn a child process to execute phantomjs command, to load a web page that contains the charts, and then take a screenshots saving into JPG, which later convert into PDF for archive.

In the code, it needs to load the following JS URL from Google:, which is HTTPS based.

Suddenly it is stopped working since last month.

By checking the log and found that PhantomJS encountered JavaScript error: “ReferenceError, can’t find Google”. Hey, I tried to open the web page in my local Chrome browser, and it still working. I tried to CuRL from my server, still can download the page. So I suspected might be SSL issues on PhantomJS.

Tried googling and found a solution. As Google had already deprecated the old version of SSL (SSLv3) and use TLSv1.

In the command line, we need to add one more option: –ssl-protocol=tlsv1, to bypass the HTTPS error, and it turns out it is working now.

phantomjs --ssl-protocol=tlsv1 your-code.js

Updated NodeBB Plugins Imgshow 0.0.14

Had just updated a new version for my NodeBB Plugins Imgshow, refer to the link here:

New features include:

  • Added preview feature
  • Added some grouping for the features
  • Added geolocation capability. If your nodebb served via HTTPS and your user was using Chrome or any browser support geolocation, you can auto fill in latitude, longitude to some feature like map, weather.
  • FIX some UI overlapping issue under v1.0.3
  • Compatible up to nodebb v1.0.3


买新书 巨量资料下一步系列 Big Data 新战略

Just bought a book at jurong point today…

近几个月,观察到新加坡Popular开始有一些跟大数据有关的书,它的应用啦,教育啦,影响啦。反观 JB 的 Popular 的书还是很老套。