Moral Class of normative statements

Today I participated in Moral class and I saw four old friends of last semester. We grouped together to do the assignment and project. At the beginning of this time I will feel more secure.

Today we learnt about the normative statements and descriptive statements. Normative statements can be said as a value judgement. Normative statements can divided into deontic and aretaic judgement. Deontic judgement is more on certain action or behaviour taken by a person. For example, a people should not buy or sell shares with intention of gambling. While aretaic judgement is not concern with behaviour, it more keen on motives of one person. For example, a smart investor will not gamble in buy or sell shares. Deontic judgement has a mean of "advised", the people is advised that not to gamble. Although buy or sell shares is not offended by gods, but with the intention of gambling already morally bad.

The lecturer also taught us that some conflicts on how to rise it. There are many conflicts between races or organization and how it rise? Maybe it rises from a small problems. For example, there are two girls are good friends. One day, a girl’s pen is missing. She suspected the other girl steal her pen. After that, they begin arguing till fighting. Maybe one of the girls talk to her boyfriend about this. Her boyfriend then find his gangs, to bully that girl, or maybe that girl also talk to her boyfriend… And you will see two groups of people are fighting. And maybe later some people are from KL, some people are from JB, they fight include Malay and Chinese, then you will see there is a quarrel between Malay and Chinese, Islam with Christians. So, lastly, why the conflicts raised? From a small problem, will let people hate on each other long times. We only can say that they are free from moral values.

I have more things to learn yet.

What’s wrong of bank account

Thanks for cooperation of the INTI scholarship unit in help me check if the PTPTN loan bank in to my bank account or not.

First, they say, PTPTN already bank in to that bank account, CIMB bank, INTI scholarship unit had already confirm with them, but seem strange. I go CIMB bank to check the balance two times, but no any money bank in. The balance is still same.

Later, at the last, INTI scholarship unit telephoned me double times, to tell me what should I do now. While they check, they found out the bank account was wrong, the wrong confirmation mark is between the account number. The operation I should perform is go to the CIMB Bank apply for a account book, tell them to update the PTPTN balance, and double check for the balance, the account number and my name, photo-stat that account book and Identification Card to them, they will directly bank in the money to INTI I think.

What’s wrong with the bank account number, I think it should be wrong number I entered here. Because I have submitted a lot of supported document of CIMB bank account to PTPTN. But they still found out the failure in the bank account number, I don’t think so it is the move MUST had in the national department. But thanks to INTI scholarship they provide me many helping in this, so I can put my heavy stone down from my heart. Thanks INTI, thanks god. While I had not god, but I had god in my heart.

It seem mystery, it seem strange, but everything is in move, everything seem very hard, but MUST have the solution. So I MUST to believe ONE thing that every hardship will be solved if you face it sincerely.

Due for the safer transfer of the study fund of PTPTN from CIMB to INTI, I must back to INTI this Friday. Because next Monday will open school soon. I think I love holiday, I love when I at hometown. But the two months is going very fast.

PTPTN Loan Bank In Story

Just now called INTI, got a good news to me, PTPTN already bank in the money to my CIMB bank, INTI scholarship unit talked me this good news. So, it is already definitely can say my money can getting from PTPTN.

But, yesterday I gone check to CIMB bank, find no my money enough, it seem no bank in anymore. I don’t know how to say. Maybe today I need to go again to check if it bank in or not.

And, one of I want said is my CIMB bank card is expired. This is meant that I can not use this card to perform actions. I need to go back to Nilai to remake my card. I also could not check balance of the card yet.

I think I telephone to CIMB bank better to ask for how can I check balance online, then able to transfer funds directly to INTI, it will be better to me later day to do this action.

Hope it will be good tomorrow sun rises.

PTPTN Loan Just Apply

I have just apply for PTPTN half years ago.

I have question on PTPTN application.

After I filled in Perjanjian Form from the PTPTN, but I haven’t received any approved from the PTPTN, so I have already try to calling to the PTPTN to ask if approved or not. The reply got from the PTPTN is I can take out the money, she stated the amount (It is true, it is the amount of the school fees stated) of the money. But I haven’t continued to ask her anything else because she seem no saying clearly.

I had some question about that. One week later I need to back to school.

First, during orientation, when I check in, how can I take out the money to pay for the school fee? Should I go to CIMB bank, use the CIMB card or SSPN card to take out the money? Or Directly banking to the INTI account? Or Internet banking is ok?

Hope I can get the money soon, use this money to pay the school fee because my parents will not get the burden on it.

Hope this will going clear soon.