iOS6 is coming

Long awaited iOS6 is coming and I had just upgraded to it for my iPhone 4 and iPad 3, everything smooth and fast and no giving me trouble.
First thing is to test the apps I deployed and all there run smoothly and faster than ever such as when turning the tab view for example, and sure it is applied to all other apps.
Second thing is to download New YouTube apps, because the old YouTube can’t found already. Apps Store apps had changed, became cover flow view, but frankly I still expect previous view at the first sight, ok, don’t worry, just passed and no harm.
Third thing is to install iOS6 on my ipad3 and open clock apps and enable Siri. Ok, I want to play Chinese now. Greet him first (oops he is man). Say good morning, he back me good morning? nine … “PM”, (gmt+8) ok, he know I am wrong, nice.
Fourth, open WordPress apps on my phone, to publish blogs, saw the built in maps is automatically using the Apple branded.
Using Siri Chinese to open Facebook apps, but “she” (Chinese is a girl) sorry that she can’t close the apps. Able to post Facebook status using Siri Chinese and English. I can open Twitter apps but cannot publish status there, I meant by using Siri.
And then after some tries, the Siri doesn’t work well, it keeps trying to said that the service is not working well would me wants to retries? By the way the iOS6 is coming, more types of devices can use Siri that brought a an unexpected or “expected” traffics that the server can’t handle well. And more over the Siri Chinese is still not intelligent enough which did not show what Apple introduction said Siri can learn from experience.
Programming in JavaScript is more fun, creating iPhone apps in Titanium Mobile not only brings native looks but also native performance which contrasted to the UIWebView JavaScript performance limit. However Safari JavaScript does have improvement stated but I didn’t have yet experienced it.
I expected Siri open API that custom apps can handle Siri Request, least based on the commands.
Another thing discovered is that whenever changes or updates on one device will be known on another device immediately. I am not sure if this is happened before. But I just first time see this when my iPad subscribe to apple Id my iPhone can get alert notification.
Initially, I waited for iOS6 download since yesterday but seem it is still not available on my phone, when go to Setting, general, software update, it still showing up to date, that’s meant it still stick to iOS5.1.1. I suspected because the cache issue, wonder if it can be solved but however I just tried restart the phones Ann’s waited for a while it is worked, iOS6 available for downloaded, I read some news recently revealed that some geographic users still could not get updates or Apple is not officially announced for the release to avoid huge traffics flowed to Apple server.