Prepared Sun Certification Exam

Having prepared for two months, Sun Certification Exam for Business Component Developer, last for three days, 25 November, I will going to enter the exam location, in Landmark, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Holiday, now, next month started, will be my final year. Finally, I will begin my Final Project soon. However what topic to choose I have not any ideas yet in my mind. By pursuing final project in order to get honour degree, it is important for the topic. I wiil choose something suit my interest (sure), and able to be confident (really sure) to complete. Still I confused something for example what platform should my development to use, and other problems. Largely percentage I would using web to show my project.

Do not know can it be, I have one idea, I would like to develop something on Cloud Computing Service, such as Google Appengine, something that would be the most thing required by public, or building new concept?

After this exam, I will take my time to study some past year final project, and think about it! I will read some latest technical news to learn more.