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Imgshow platform is developed to incorporate/collect the basic utilities service that can be used by any website. Its aim is to make every individuals, non-experts, even experts programmer to use it in production base.

This online tutorial is auto updated anytimes. Please check it out anytime you free.

Imgshow Supported Service


Imgshow Platform on NodeBB nodebb-plugin-imgshow
Imgshow API Github Page
Imgshow Platform (X2.3.1) (Release 20120623)
Imgshow Platform Stat

Sandbox Feature

Description: This new delivered sandbox feature let you to test your Imgshow service and generate relevant code Learn More




Video Player (ALL)
Description: Showing popular online video content, such as Youtube, Facebook Video, Vimeo Learn More
Map (ALL)
Description: Google Map / Bing Map Learn More
Description: Weather Info Learn More
PSI Reading
Description: PSI Reading Info Learn More
Currency Exchange
Description: Currency Exchange Info Learn More
Description: SlideShare Presentation Learn More
PDF/PPT Display
Description: Online display PDF/PPT files using Google Doc Viewer Learn More
Flash Swf Display
Description: Showing Flash Swf Learn More
Facebook Like Box
Description: Showing Facebook Like Box Learn More
Twitter Conversation Box
Description: Showing Twitter Conversation Box Learn More
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