Just Using AdBrite

A few minutes ago, I decided surfing on Google.

Suddenly, I found one online advertising film called AdBrite on one English website. I tried to find the AdBrite site at Google. Then I found that site and I have registered for a membership of that site.

Below introduction text is from Wikipedia,

AdBrite, Inc. is an online advertising firm based in San Francisco, California. It was founded by Philip J. Kaplan and Gidon Wise.

Now I have 3 hours to go to get first advertisements shown on my website. While waiting for the coming of that, I searched thorough out the Google and I found some related information between AdBrite Versus Adsense. It is seem like that Adsense is more revenue than AdBrite, but AdBrite is still better for us. I also not many experience on that.

I placed AdBrite on my forum, a Chinese forum, http://bbs.qxinnet.com as a top banner, and one on this English Blog, http://fyhao.qxinnet.com as a sidebar banner.

I had change some color to fit my style.


Currently, it shows nothing on it…

OK, all right, I think my first step is to make this web site better than ever, I will try to do my best as well. I will also examine and test any method to increase the traffic or revenue, and find more experience from others, and also giving tutorial to other people to get through this.

Hope you will love this AdBrite. Come here to earn your first gold. http://www.adbrite.com

Qxinnet Search Provider Installer Page

Qxinnet Search Series:http://search.qxinnet.com

Now it is provided for user to install the search provider into their browser easily, currently supported for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 or newer version.

Please step into this Qxinnet Search Provider Installer Page: http://search.qxinnet.com/install/index.html


Now, choose the link above the three red lines, click and install the Web Search, Video Search, and Image Search into your browser, either IE or FF. While click the link, the browser will confirm you if add this Search provider into your browser, you only need to accept it. After installed, you can use it searching whatever thing you need directly.

I am using Internet Explorer as an example. After installed, at the top right of browser, click the drop down menu of search provider, I chose Qxinnet Image Search for example, keyword I type "卓文萱", a Chinese singer.


After that, the browser will open this page below, show the image search results like this. It will show the beautiful animation, cooool!!!


You are available to find other keyword, other handsome guy or beautiful girl, fulfill your need by using this Qxinnet Image Search.

http://search.qxinnet.com/install/index.html your favorite Search Engine here.



现在提供用户安装便捷搜索器在浏览器上,目前测试支持 Internet Explorer 7 和 Firefox 2 或最新版本。



选择三条红线之上的链接,点击并可安装。当点击后,浏览器会确认您是否要加入这个搜索 (Search Provider),这时只需点击确认或接受即可。当安装好后,就可马上使用。

我以IE为例,当安装好之后,在浏览器右上角,点击搜索下拉菜单,如,我选择 Qxinnet Image Search,keyword 我打”卓文萱“。





你可以打其他 keyword,然后按 Search,就能出现其他好图了。。。慢慢玩吧!

小美女卓文萱Friendster and Photo






Adding Qxinnet Search in this blog

Just implementing Qxinnet Search (http://search.qxinnet.com) in this blog.

At first, you can choose to access the searching page (web, video, image) at the top right, or using the blog Search.


However, after you search something keyword, you will be redirected to this page, for example.


When you search "Qxinnet" as your keyword, you will find this on page.

You can directly click the link below "Search Results for", for example, web page for Qxinnet, video for Qxinnet, images for Qxinnet.

It is very convenient I think if you want find something more important.

Thanks support.

Qxinnet.com Estimated Worth $2102.4 USD

Net Worth : $2102.4
Last updated Today

Daily Pageview : 626

Daily Ads Revenue : $2.88


Traffic Rank : 1755781

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刚刚花了半天的时间,大概的把投票程序放上了Facebook,大概的 Application Logic 都已经放上去了。现在只是需要接下来的日子来完善它。对了,我还得要制作一个 Logo 给它呵。

这个程序,能放在 Blog,如 Blogspot;论坛,如 Discuz! 的边栏插件,以及任何一个的网页,现在也能放在 Facebook,如果你喜欢,你也可以 Add to your page。



That is very welcome for you to come to my Facebook Qxinnet Vote Application…