Qxinnet Search Provider Installer Page

Qxinnet Search Series:http://search.qxinnet.com

Now it is provided for user to install the search provider into their browser easily, currently supported for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 or newer version.

Please step into this Qxinnet Search Provider Installer Page: http://search.qxinnet.com/install/index.html


Now, choose the link above the three red lines, click and install the Web Search, Video Search, and Image Search into your browser, either IE or FF. While click the link, the browser will confirm you if add this Search provider into your browser, you only need to accept it. After installed, you can use it searching whatever thing you need directly.

I am using Internet Explorer as an example. After installed, at the top right of browser, click the drop down menu of search provider, I chose Qxinnet Image Search for example, keyword I type "卓文萱", a Chinese singer.


After that, the browser will open this page below, show the image search results like this. It will show the beautiful animation, cooool!!!


You are available to find other keyword, other handsome guy or beautiful girl, fulfill your need by using this Qxinnet Image Search.

http://search.qxinnet.com/install/index.html your favorite Search Engine here.

Author: fyhao

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