Apply Sun Certified

Today I need to go to apply for Sun Certified Exam.

Actually last semester I already go to asked a lecturer, but because he need to back to India so I waited for now.

This several days I found the ATM got problem, so I can not get the money fee which to pay for the Sun Certified. But today I don’t need to wait anymore I will go to apply first, to ask some questions first.

I saw from online that Sun Certified seem divided into different groups. Like Edition 5, and 6. The different is 6 is the newest version of the Sun Certified. Maybe it will harder than other. But I think I will choose 6 because the question I practiced online all is the 6 one.

Yesterday when I went to toilet, I saw my Java lecturer, she asked me if I asked for Sun Certified. I talk her that I will ask later.

Today my class is around 2pm to 4pm. I just waked up and this time I would like to take bath and try to go to ask. And later I need go to the lab do to something that can’t doing in hostel.

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