Window Live Writer 支持中文的 Slug

刚上课回来,花了1个小时的时间,好好研究了如果使用 Window Live Writer 发布 Blog 的时候,如果遇到中文标题,会自动转换成拼音网址,做好SEO。

要研究,就使用昨天刚下载下来使用的 Dreamweaver CS4 来上FTP了,呵呵,不错的体验。

上了之后,我从 WordPress 的 xmlrpc.php 看起,找了很久,从 WordPress 的 API,到 metaBlogApi,Google 了一下原来 Window Live Writer 跟 WordPress 交互是使用 metaBlogApi 的。好了,找到了,我就去查看相关的API。最后的发现结果是,不管是 new post,或 update post,都会调用 wp-includes/post.php 中的 wp_insert_post(),那么这就好办多了。既然发表新 post,或更新 post,都在同一个 function,那么只要在一个地方修改,就能实现了,省了烦恼。

做了一些修改之后,我就尝试发布 blog,哎呀,返回失败结果。我不灰心,再次尝试。尝试了再尝试,还是返回失败的结果。会不会是变量遇到一些问题。是的。我好好研究了一番,再改到正确为止。好了,发布成功了,yeah,网址真的有转换成汉语拼音。

但还不够好。就是所有子都没有分割全部挤在一起。在这点,我再次做了研究,来进行黑箱测试拼音的 class.Chinese.php 所生成的结果,最后终于完美的解决如果标题出现中文,或英文的话,都会进行完美的标题改进。


Adobe CS4: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash

Yeah, just installed adobe CS4 series, there are Dreamweaver CS4, Photoshop CS4, Flash CS4. These three are enough to do a web page.

I now very delighted, very happy for having these.







How? Adobe CS4 is getting great now. And also the other series of Adobe CS4.


Sample Flash For Thanks Helping of Alvis


For who already installed Qxinnet Blogger List or not installed, I want to make an announcement that I have made changes on it.

The changes I made is about the queries length returned. That mean you can control how many posts, links shown on your gadget.

Currently, we use this line code.

<script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="gbk"></script>

For the src: "" we can make changes on it.

We add one parameter named limit on it.

For example.

For limit set to smallest, it will returned 3 links.

Below is the referring table.

limit Default 10
smallest 3
smaller 5
normal 10
larger 15
largest 20


Lastly, if you want to know more about Qxinnet Blogger List, you can navigate to this link:

imageshack 教程




然后就按HOST IT!
如果你需要调整图片的大小,就在resize images打勾并选择你要的大小:


copy起Hotlink for forums (1),过后paste在帖子就可以了。大功告成!

4d88 Check 4D Website

Hey, everybody, just come this simple website where to check the Malaysian 4D result. It comprises of Damacai 1+3D, Toto 4D, Magnum 4D.

And also it supported for WAP 2.0 access. It is only 1 – 2 cents for one access load.

So that you can check your result everywhere as you wish.

Synchronized Update on WAP and Website with the Portal

This result on WAP and the website is synchronized with the portal website, it is no delay and also no differences visiting both portals.

It is very beautiful.

Qxinnet Search Provider Installer Page

Qxinnet Search Series:

Now it is provided for user to install the search provider into their browser easily, currently supported for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 or newer version.

Please step into this Qxinnet Search Provider Installer Page:


Now, choose the link above the three red lines, click and install the Web Search, Video Search, and Image Search into your browser, either IE or FF. While click the link, the browser will confirm you if add this Search provider into your browser, you only need to accept it. After installed, you can use it searching whatever thing you need directly.

I am using Internet Explorer as an example. After installed, at the top right of browser, click the drop down menu of search provider, I chose Qxinnet Image Search for example, keyword I type "卓文萱", a Chinese singer.


After that, the browser will open this page below, show the image search results like this. It will show the beautiful animation, cooool!!!


You are available to find other keyword, other handsome guy or beautiful girl, fulfill your need by using this Qxinnet Image Search. your favorite Search Engine here.


Do you want to participated in Qxinnet Blogger?

OK, all right, you can just go to register as a member, then go to to setting your blog account, currently supports Blogspot, Pixnet, WordPress, Friendster , and so on.

However, you are also available to place this QXINNET BLOGGER LIST on your blog as a sidebar gadget.

You can just copy this html code and paste it into your blog.

<script src="" type="text/javascript" charset="gb2312"></script>

For Blogspot user, you can just click the button below and follow the procedure as add this gadget on your Blogspot Blog.


Adding Qxinnet Search in this blog

Just implementing Qxinnet Search ( in this blog.

At first, you can choose to access the searching page (web, video, image) at the top right, or using the blog Search.


However, after you search something keyword, you will be redirected to this page, for example.


When you search "Qxinnet" as your keyword, you will find this on page.

You can directly click the link below "Search Results for", for example, web page for Qxinnet, video for Qxinnet, images for Qxinnet.

It is very convenient I think if you want find something more important.

Thanks support.


刚刚花了半天的时间,大概的把投票程序放上了Facebook,大概的 Application Logic 都已经放上去了。现在只是需要接下来的日子来完善它。对了,我还得要制作一个 Logo 给它呵。

这个程序,能放在 Blog,如 Blogspot;论坛,如 Discuz! 的边栏插件,以及任何一个的网页,现在也能放在 Facebook,如果你喜欢,你也可以 Add to your page。


That is very welcome for you to come to my Facebook Qxinnet Vote Application…