Sun Certified Training RM1500, should I?

Yesterday, I went to a lecturer’s house at Melati in 6.00pm. I asked him about Sun Certified stuff.

Then, at the first, he began to promote the Sun Certified Training in his house. There are four weeks, four days in a week, two hours in a day. At almost 25 students pass this exam from 2005. He gave me to see a lot of certification which got by his students. He said, with his teaching, whoever definitely getting Sun Certification.

What benefits’ of getting Sun Certification?

Getting Sun Certification will have big benefit when we going to getting a job. The employee mainly will have interview with you, testing with your knowledge skills, for example in Java Programming language, how you to prepare to fulfil the business needs using the Java Programming language, and etc. If you show this Sun Certification, the employee with directly accept you to give you a job.

Sun Certification actually a paper, certify you have a good knowledge in Java, means you very familiar and clearly about Java and you able to use Java to solve various business problems.

It is meant that when you getting Sun Certification, you can find jobs throughout the world.

RM1500 training in his house

He provides me RM1500 training in his house. In this one month training, he will give me three books which can not buy from outside. He will provide me his notes as well as other Sun Certification learning materials.

Hard to consider

As I now waiting for PTPTN, it is already approved, but I haven’t see the real money. So as this may be the burden of my family, so I telephoned mother about this thing and she not guarantee can afford it. So this time I must be waiting.

Some consideration…

I’m not very sure later day when I graduated what jobs, where jobs to be. Using Java or not. But I very sure that Java is getting important as well. If going through training by that lecturer, I can definitely pursue my dream. If trying myself, I have not confidence I can pass it because before I had done some exercises online I found that I getting fail grade. Maybe have a training is better than myself.

So, now I only need to wait for PTPTN and also the Chinese new year, my parents will come INTI to take me and directly back to Penang. At that time, we can consider about it. I will try to convince with my parents, and find a way to solve this problem. Sun certification maybe the important aspects.

I’m not very sure except this semester or next semester to complete the Sun Certification, which time is more suitable for me, later semester, after graduation? I think if latter that is no more time to me. I don’t want more excuse.


Think about it.

Author: fyhao

Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

5 thoughts on “Sun Certified Training RM1500, should I?”

  1. If you think that SUN Certification is important for you, as well might you just take it and no regret. Yes, I do agree with you that Java is getting more n more important but as i inquired from my friend whom he is now working as a Software Tester, which he also graduated from Software Engineering too. He told me that it is not compulsory to get a job which is a programmer or anything…being a Software Tester is much more easier and your job’s burden is much more lesser compare to programmers or engineers as well too. And of course, Software Tester’s salary is higher and better than programmer! There are so many jobs considering on IT field, you don’t have to worry about your job, because there are many jobs vacancy available out there, is just the time and effort whether did you found one that suits you or whatever jobs that makes you feel comfortable and you’re happy working on it..If you think that you wanna end up being a programmer, then yes no doubt getting this SUN Certification is important, as it guarantees your future no more or less..but I do got some drawbacks from my seniors who had this SUN Certification, my seniors told me that their job is loads but pay is low compare to others, and OT (Over-time) is compulsory for programmers or software engineers which deals with coding..
    So my friend, make up your real mind, and whatever decision you make, I’ll support you. =)

  2. So I think I am prefer more in programming, more prefer in doing web solution.
    But for the job, I need to think deeply what should I become

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