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If not my friend mention, I already forgot today got academic award ceremony held in MPH. Since last time I got the letter from one lecturer talked me that I got this award but I already decided to not going attend at all. For some reason, first, I not like going. Second, I think that is nothing special for me, maybe this is only small achievement. Third, my family need not specially drive up to Inti Nilai. Year 2 become harder and harder beyond my knowledge, what can I do is trying to continue study well to repay my family, that is enough. I should take the final year graduation ceremony to be my only one opportunities to go up to the stage to accept the award.

Now I am going to prepare my third Sun Certification Exam, Business Component Developer. This is a same level with the previous web component developer one, but with a new topic, and technically back-end and harder than previous one. A lot of concept involved inside. Having no previous knowledge will be harder. Need a lot of effort to understand some concept.

Now I also need to rush many projects, all projects involve using ASP.NET to develop the website. I am first time learn ASP.NET this semester, and personally learn myself. Maybe I got PHP and JSP experience, when I first touched ASP.NET, I not feel that it is a new monster in front of me. But I think ASP.NET is great. The ASP.NET framework provided developer a new broad sense of concept, convenience way to construct the web application. Powerful I can say. JSP one now having JSF (Java Server Faces), heard that it similar to ASP.NET event driven model concept however I not tried before but I saw some books regarding JSF. In JSF, some concept will different. But the last time I saw that book, based on my first view and not very cleared and detailed view, I thought that ASP.NET will be better than JSF. Take example for their event-driven model. You just put your ASP.NET button code like this: <asp:button ID=”button1″ onclick=”button1_onclick” /> in your code-behind part you can just call button1 to do your own work. You not need explicitly defined that. But in JSF, you need explicitly define that you are using button1 and it is bind to button1_onclick in other aspect. Since I have forgotten something I not going to talk again. But I will continue to learn JSF later to see their difference I choose the best one for me.

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