Still under solve MSN appears offline but online problem

Having under solving MSN appears offline but I am truly online problem. Searched for this problem around 4 hours still no any good news from there, I only can emailed to MSN customer support. Say I want to find the link to the customer support also have find a long time. I now can invite friends into my group, and I may send files to my friend; however, my friend cannot invite me into their group and cannot also send me any files. It is frustrating and inconvenience.

I saw a lot of solution online but there are no clear solutions. One of it is to reinstall MSN messenger, I have using Window Clean Up Installer also cannot used. Later I follow Jonathan posts on somewhere forum said that to delete MSN contact cache, still cannot. I login to meebo or ebuddy, still failed for me. I remember about several days ago, I try to make me offline (before that I always remain busy), then later I change back to busy status, then the problem started to arise. My friend cannot see me online, only can use guessing, to guess me whether I am online or offline. They cannot directly send me file but hopefully Hotmail works.

My email is, and using the latest MSN Messenger now, if who are from Microsoft or familiar with it, can you help me how to solve this problem? Thanks.

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8 thoughts on “Still under solve MSN appears offline but online problem”

  1. Hi hi!
    I am now having this irritating problem.. my msn status is appearing offline even though i am online.. using windows live messenge with windows 7..
    you mentioned it is solved after contacting msn messenger support – how do i go about doing that? email? Thanks in advance for your advice

  2. I have contacted them twice.
    Second time, they send me two different technicians to solve my problem. However, cannot work.
    So later that I not deal with this stuff again. But now… it suddenly normal again..

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