Proposed HTML5 Simple Payment Protocol

HTML5 is a new generation web browser markup language and the ways the developer to create web application with full of desktop experience. HTML5 had introduced a lot of new tags, such as improvement of semantic tags (<header>, <footer>, <aside>, <section>, <article>) that made the different parts of the website can be represented by these tags rather than using <div>. Additionally, supports of <video> and <audio> make possible for browser to view video and listen music without installing Flash Plugin but using browser-implemented engine to run it. Besides that it had improvement for CSS3 as well, that allowed animation, shadow and many exciting features etc. Moreover, improvement to JavaScript API such as support geolocation API, Canvas (Rich Animation and 2D Drawing, will support 3D Drawing in the future), local Web Storage, and many yet features that not be shown here.

We known that the full HTML5 specification will be completed in 2030. In 2012, WhatWG will submit the suggestion documentation to W3C. Most of the browsers today except IE had already implemented HTML5, although not full features had implemented, but at least implemented a bit. Thanks Apple, Google, Opera and Mozilla implemented HTML5 in their browsers, either from PC or smart phone such as iPhone and Android. Market share is big, due to the fact that mobile market is emerging, associated with the rapid development of HTML5 and cloud computing, it made our future life more easier and convenient.

After thinking from my current country, Malaysia, electronic payment still not very popular like western country. Due to the fact that the security of payment still not getting trust from the users. As well as the supports from government, every aspects such as low internet speed, NEP, and it almost slow down the free development of the technology.

Moreover, due to the fact that nowadays there are many types of payment option in the world, in international we have Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and so on.  In Facebook, we have Facebook Credits also.

Hereby I proposed that new implementation for simple payment protocol for HTML5.

What is Simple Payment Protocol?

Simple Payment Protocol can be implemented in HTML5, by providing <payment> HTML5 tag, that will be rendered as payment panel with showing product name and price and the button where click to submit the payment. Proposed that it is a standard payment panel supported by different types of browser. Different types of browser either from PC Google Chrome, or smart phone such as Apple iPhone, both will render the same payment panel for user to make payment. Any seller or bank can collaborate with browser company, to build certain standard security layer that support encryption up to 128-bit and more. The browser itself can support the e-wallet function, allows user to carry their e-wallet at the same time carry their mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

Advantage is that the payment method will become the standard, using the standard the life of the user will be easier. Using the standard, payment process will be easier and fast and secure. When your web application need to implement payment method, you not need to learn specific API such as Paypal or another types of payment option, even you want to change from one payment method to another you will face problems. By using proposed implementation of HTML5 Simple Payment Protocol the web developers can just learn one API and easier to implement the payment function in their web application.


Noted that this proposal is the work of Khor Yong Hao, and this is only a draft and will be improved in the future. The further modification of this page will be carried out anytime in the future without notification.

Author: fyhao

Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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