4 May 2011 Diary

This is the dairy for today, 4 May 2011. It’s just a simple note about my thoughts.

Today I had to declare my first project development had been cleared, and ready for next project, ready for another exciting challenges. During freetime, I had read some websites or Ebook about Avaya technology, it is exciting and attracting like VoiceML or CCXML, controlling call flows, or voice dialog flows, or conference, and more. But most of them are too technical and hard to understand in short times.

Back home, I had participated in a English class in Second Life. It was nine months before I joined this class, and I still last for two credits (one credit $2.9 US Dollar) to get one voice class, and nine months later, today, I had tried to clear my credits to attend this amazing English class.

This is a voice class, means, we can have our own avatars in Second Life, and using voice (talking) to another. This school also provide text class, mean just using keyboard typing to communicate.

Eight persons sit around a round table. Teacher sit at the middle. We have given a notecard, which consisted of a comprehension, with title of “Don’t be offended by online-dating rejection ”. We discussed the good and bad of online dating. (Waw, I come with the right time, the information may suited me.) We even shared some thoughts, discussed something about this. But most importantly, we had learnt many deep and hard vocabulary. The teacher let us read the paragraphs each for every person. The teacher is very nice to explain all words and sentences or idioms slangs that may be hard to understand, he will guide us if we pronouns wrongly. Since most of the students are not using English as their first language, some from French, German, or Russian, China, Indonesia, or Thailand, or Malaysia and etc…

Below is the snapshot of the English class. See the first picture, the third person counted from left is our teacher, he is a good and knowledgable person and very helpful, from Italy. First one and second one I am first met them in the class. First one I am not sure, but second one is a girl from China, her voice is so cute. Fourth one I am not sure, fifth one I know him last year, good friend now.



By the way, by using this way, I can try to train my social, or communication, to be brave to talk. Although not seeing real person, but listen to real voice. I am trying to talk more, share more as I can, to speak with foreigners is the best way to learn English as well. But actually it is no much different when I am in Second Life and my First Life (Real life), most of the time I am still quiet, unless the teacher wants me to share something. Ya, it is normal, because we are in class.

Come over this site: http://www.drive-through-esl.info to view the calendar to know when the class begin. First class is free. If you are not confident in your English, OR, you would like to learn more in English, you can always come here.

Additionally, during my freetime, I am also read about Avaya had launched web.alive, it is an online avatar-based collaboration, similar to Second Life as the picture shown, but more focus in collaboration, communication for business. I am not sure about web.alive, hope I can try later if applicable.

OK, by the way, today, I learnt a lot, and had gained more confidence, I will continue to strive for it.

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Jebsen & Jessen Comms Singapore INTI University College Bsc (Hon) of Computer Science, Coventry University

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