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Collaboration Is the Mother of Invention – Avaya

Avaya made a move for integrating WebRTC to its existing call center application. Customer can be cellphones, deskphone, or WebRTC enabled browser, and the agent also can be using existing contact center apps, or WebRTC enabled browser. On the surface this technology may threaten existing communications apps, but they see a new possibilities, new innovation that can shape the future of how call center application works with unified communication objectives.

Short, WebRTC is a specification that allows browser-to-browser multi channel communication, voice, video, webchat. Currently Google Chrome and Firefox is the big movers in this area. WebRTC provides simplified API allowing any developers like us can be easily integrating communication features to their browser application using existing knowledge HTML + CSS + JavaScript without investing expensive communication server backend or software. On the background the various technology used no more than the RTP/RTCP, session initiated liked protocol, that had it possibly integrate with existing enterprise phone network. Make it possible say I call using my home phone, hand phone, to your browser phone on WebRTC enabled browser. Interesting? I bet, it is. And this one is not the only geniously working idea to improve business in the online-way – affiliate services are another example of such (learn more about this Payday affiliate program).

I had myself built a simple SIP and IVR server using Freeswitch, Kamailio, Voxeo. And tried using some WebRTC enabled service like Phono, and some other open source HTML5 WebRTC over SIP framework, which able to communicate mobile phone with browser in a session, had proven that this thing just worked.

WebRTC, a plugin free real time communication
WebRTC, a plugin free real time communication

WebRTC data pathways
WebRTC data pathways

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