If not mistaken, Next week can get PTPTN

Apply for PTPTN already used two semester.

First semester the first day I began to apply it. It is supposed to have PTPTN at the second semester. But I faced some problems though I can not get the PTPTN money at the second semester. Later on, I re-submit the document back to PTPTN, this time I approved. I am glad about that. But later on, I check by CIMB bank why PTPTN haven’t come yet. I called to INTI scholarship unit they helped me check that PTPTN had misunderstanding of my CIMB bank account. They said I have one account number wrong.

For the bank account number,  I have submitted a total of 5 pieces go to PTPTN, but they still can getting wrong thing. How to say?

So, the last time, I accompanied with my parents, do the things again. I go to getting a new pieces of bank account supporting document, then go commission to certify it. Later on I submitted to INTI. It is supposed to have PTPTN next week, or supposed this week, because this week will be closed to mid of February.

Hope the PTPTN can come, to solve my home financial problem.

Assignment Distributed on today

OOPS, just go to Inti Online and download the assignments uploaded by lecturers.

Today, I just begin for my HCI assignment 1, to prepare it as soon as possible. It is required us to make E-resume, so some certificates I can taken from my home during Chinese New Year.

And also I saw the business Assignment 1 and Group Project uploaded. First one is about giving suggestion to Japanese Film to open business in which countries, second one is about our preferred business, to discuss the environment and the type of business (such as partnership, private limited or public limited) we going to run.

Lastly, this evening after class, I need to prepare the questionnaire and print it out on Friday, so I can distributed it during Chinese New Year. Because I think there is no photocopy shop open during holiday.

I need to take lunch now because 2p.m. got class, User Centered Design.

Fourth Business Class

Today, at first, Alex will asked us about last class studies. But today he made a wrong, that he asked another chapters… So we all confused…

Today that he talking about is Business Organisation. Organisation is defined as a deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish some specific purpose.

There are some different kinds of business, for example, sole traders, partnerships, private limited company, public limited company and public corporations.

Sole trader is involving one person, while partnerships can involve more than one person. Private limited company specially has the share. Public limited company is the updated version of private. Public corporation is the business run by government.

Yet, there are different features, advantages and disadvantages beyond kinds of business. We only can see what we need, what we prefer to choose what kind of business to run on.

Somehow, I have partnerships with my two other friends, we doing web hosting which started at September 2008. And now we already own a server ourselves.

Lastly, today I am very tired, tired from yesterday till today, very tired, don’t know why, I only prefer to sleep rather than playing computer.

First day of Week 3

Today is the first day of Week 3.

I am very tired and think sleeping because one of the reason is our class started from 8.00 a.m., and also yesterday just went to Mid Valley with my partners, or my friends… Yesterday story is very … stand along the way, no place to sit. I am very sleepy now and need to take a sleep because the next day also started from 8.00 a.m.

Now only MSN with my friends to talk to him, and laughing hah…

Tomorrow 12 p.m. need to move on to lab, to do the research in the lab facilities, and send the latest research documents to my group leader, my project group leader in subject of User Centre Design. And also afternoon may be take a nap and take my lunch, I need to prepare my User Centre Design assignment, to design a gift box, I have chosen doing Chinese New Year gift box from the selection between this and Valentine Day. I chose this CNY Gift box is because I can getting more choices, more practical box can see, and I can sending my questionnaire to my relatives during Chinese New Year. I need to prepare well and print it well at least 10 pages within this week and need to distribute it out the next week. And I think most of the time I need to do translation between English to Chinese to explain what the meaning inside of my questionnaire. The objective of doing this questionnaire is to gather the opinion, the research groups into consideration of my gift box.

This week may be the important week for me to prepare the assignment for doing that during the next week, and it is the important week also for lecturer to prepare more assignment and teaching topic in order to catch up the syllabus because there is one week become Chinese New Year Holiday… So this week I need to very be careful, give more attention about it.

For the HCI assignment, the assignment required us to make an E-resume, it using only the simple HTML code, not using any Javascript and CSS, it is to do some E-resume for future employees. But I think I will do it when I boring during the Chinese New Year Holiday because I still got a lot of time to do it.

For the Moral group assignment, I hated about it for why my group members always talked with me about the reason that they are so busy this time. But I think we will busy later day, so as a group leader, I can’t afford any more, I already tell them we must discuss during tomorrow Moral class, and we go back to find data and information, and submit after Chinese New Year. I think everything we must do it soon, so we can have more time to leisure… Not this time leisure… It will die later on. I have experienced in my first semester while I also same group with them. I really couldn’t afford, we rush for our projects even presentation and slept at 4.00 a.m., and we got presentation class at 8.00 a.m.

I don’t like reason, I need something Professional.

For my company, we now take the case of syen, to doing a business website, and I think I already broken the market price to very low… ha ha… so for the price I can not make it lower… I hope we can get more money from him before Chinese New Year, because we need money flow in our company this month in order to survive. And also we will take another case from one lady who open ecshop to sell the woman’s stuffs. She has some special requirements while I am not very understand what she need, but I think I can ask more deeply understanding about that, and if is understandable, nothing can not success for me, but only the time and money… haha. Also Centior that no any responses from him, I hope not to give up for that. And also the domain control panel need to get from the ICORE, but somehow I seen no any response from there. But I think after write this blog, I need to go to Hotmail to check the return e-mail of the information of the DCP of Centior Website.

For my chinese forum, I already decided to use the simple style for my forum, one of the reason is it can loading faster than ever, and also we can do more thing about it easily. So now Chinese New Year are coming, I need to do something Chinese New Year style for it. CHECK IT OUT TOMORROW.

And I think, I wrote these blogs which categorized in Study, is to train myself in English, and also record down what the lecturer taught, for doing revision later day. I think I now getting some benefit when the lecturer of HCI asked us about some topic about User Centre Design, I can remember it soon, because I had written it before. Also, recording words also need to remember it, not to forget. We come INTI is to learn, and we don’t like to let money back to big sea.

I will continue to contribute for this blog, as a new domain for it, fyhao.com. I am very happy and excited for getting this domain, with simpler, suit my web name.

It is simpler, which suit my web name, it is all about mine!
“` fyhao.com

So, we see next day. I need go sleep lo!!!

Third Business Class

Yes, today, same with before, Alex will ask us what taught last week. And today, also, got some new students… they got a lot of reason for late enrolment. And Alex show his strict to that particular students: "Don’t skip my class…".

Last week we touch about Social Environment of the Macro Environment, today we go through the next element, economic environment.

How the economic environment actually affects our spending patterns. First, the income is changed. While the economic is bad, and it will going to bad next half year, many business and organization began to retrench workers, or reduce their salary, tend to reduce the damage of the economic on them. Somehow, less income, we will buy less. While INTI school fee higher and higher, not follows the economic trend, I think it will more difficult to us. For example, I now waiting for PTPTN to support for my school fee for this or next semester.

Inflation is defined as a general and progressive increase in prices [1]. How inflation affects the economic environment? If inflation is getting higher, the investors will need a higher interest rate to consider lending their money to other. Last time, when the price of petrol up, everything price will up. So, our food, our rice, the egg, are rising also, so in our country, there was shortage of these all basic necessities of life.

And later Alex taught us some basic understanding about economic, so I learnt a lot. What is about the interest rate, which controlled by the government, how and why government actually do that. Somehow, we will make fixed deposit, may be in 12 months, during this range of time, we can not get out our money, but the interest rate can be higher to 3.75%, but nowadays it dropped to 3.5% and to 3.0%. But heard from Alex, the government can actually rising the interest rate, may be up to 10% to 13%, and it will let the consumer store their money in the bank, tend to reduce the money flow in the marketplace, the consumer will less buying. And when the time coming on, the government will dropping the interest rate, may be down to 2% to 1%, tend to activate the flow of money in marketplace, the consumer will buy more. The government change the interest rate is tend to manage the economic. Since the source of the fund is expensive. It is so called the monetary policy of governments [2]. If government loosens  monetary policy, it will printed a lot of money, so  this makes interest rate is lower, and borrowers and lenders has more money to flow it. If the supply of money is lowered, this tightens the monetary policy and causes interest rate to rise.

And next Alex taught us about the exchange rates between the countries. Last time the exchange rate between US dollar and RM, is 1: 3.80. But somehow now it dropped to 3.20, but now rises back to 3.45.

Since these factors will actually affect our economic environment, tend to changing the consumer spending patterns.

OK, we moving to next, natural environment. First, nowadays we faced the critical problem, the problem is shortages of raw materials (e.g. oil and coal).  Since the demand of that is higher, so the price will move higher. So called why we can seen the share can be up and down, I also feel strange why the price of oil can go very high and now dropped to very less, but now I still be confuse of it. The highest of the price of oil is up to US $ 180 while Malaysia announces that the price up to RM 2.70, but now it dropped to US $ 40… Another example is the price of metal, it actually priced about US $ 180 for 1 tons. But during the Olympic in China, it rises to US $ 850, can’t believe it, because China need metal to build the stadiums.. and a lot of buildings…


And second, we need energy to run all business, but now it increased the Cost of Energy, the electric fee, the water fee, all is the demand of energy in doing business even in our life. Since, the cost of energy is increased, it will cause burden to the business also.

Third, the pollution is increased, and these makes a lot of indirect affects to the business. There are a lot of pollution is Malaysia, for example, air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, land pollution, and also global warming. The results of global warming caused Malaysia become hotter and hotter and flooding everywhere. Last year our Johor Bahru has a big flood, but I remembered last two year it is more serious, it  is hard for me to back home because the big flood blocked many roads. Furthermore, the weather is changed, may be it is the punishment of the GOD to human being since the human wreck the world from the industrial age. For example, the weather of China is changed, there are flooding of snow blocked many roads to affect the people go back to Chinese New Year. And so pitiful for the polar bear. They will less the cold environment to live. Somehow they need hibernation, but it is hard for them to determine the cold time.  Alex also talked us about last year he gone to Sweden(if not hear wrong), the temperature getting strange, before it will about –30 °C, but last year it raised to -5 °C, and the normal temperature changed to 5 °C to 7 °C.

Later, as an excellent story teller, Alex talked us an interesting story, why there are many disasters in the world, typhoon, floods, eruption of volcano, earthquake, thunderstorm…

The graph below showed our earth, we can see it got a north pole, and south pole, while it is a bit tilt. When come across with the north pole and south pole, our earth is spinning. When it is spinning, it generate the magnetic effect, so rising the beautiful world to us, human, animals, plants and so on.

As our human like to kill each other to get benefit, they think fighting is not enough, they also want to upgrade their scientific knowledge and level, they invent nuclear weapon. The nuclear weapon can have big disaster to our earth. For example, when the U.S.A invented a nuclear weapon, she will find a deep ground to test the nuclear bomb. When the nuclear bomb is bombed, the earth will be shaking around some time. So cause the earth need some way to balance. Come across the balancing, the earth is full of earthquake. For example, when the U.S.A. test the nuclear bomb at one place, and the other side it will earthquake soon, because the earth need to balance it…

Alex asked us about one movie, "The Core". This movie is talked about one country developed one powerful weapon, it is not nuclear weapon. Since our earth inside it got a core, spinning itself. That technology will actually drilling into the core of the earth. For example, someone hate U.S.A., it can do something about the core, made U.S.A. whole country earthquake, and later the enemies can take the time attack it… If the earth is stop spinning, it will cause the magnetic effect lose effective, the people’s brain will not determine the direction, which is north and which is south.


OK, all right, now we moved to the part of technological environment. The technology is gradually changed and it is very fast pace of changing, for the new products. Take an example, a phone. Recently, the phone, it is need spinning… but later it changed to click button way. And in the 1980′, the first mobile phone is invented, it is like a heavy box with the earphone. It is very heavy… and cost ten thousand dollars and above. Haha, it is a secret talked by Alex, his family own that mobile phone, and when the call came, they will get the call at the outside to attract the other people come, to show that they are rich enough to buy this mobile phone. Go restaurant also take this heavy thing go out… (Talk so many secret to expose to you all…) And from my memory, the mobile phone is something as the shape below.


And after a half month, it soon getting a new model of mobile phone, it seem like that… In chinese, it is called "大哥大".


It is also heavy in its size but smaller than that Alex’s family own.

He talked us one exciting thing, that is about the Nokia 8250 phone, its durability is good enough, if fell down to ground, it can use without having problem. Alex own now till today. We learnt about Nokia is actually not from Japan, IT IS FROM FINLAND.

After that, we talked about the music storage. Last time invention is a black tape. I had seen black tape before, because when I was Junior three in secondary school, my Chinese teacher is a collector of black tape, he liked to take his black tape and play the music to her. I like this teacher but now it is long time no see him. Because when I am senior level, it gone to teach at Foon Yew Kulai while I am at Foon Yew Johor Bahru.

And later, Sony first invented cassette, which to store sound, it got double side. It is quite popular for some years, and my home got this historical stuffs. It still sleep in the store room. And later, CD is invented to store many and many music while it is easy to take. And next, the MP3 is invented, the most popular is Apple Ipod. But later got something called MD, I have not heard it before, it thought like invented by Sony. But in 2006, Sony found that the most popular is MP3 and no one can afford or don’t like own a MD, so they have to produce a MP3 Player at that year. Somehow, MP3 is Korea technology… Apple Ipod is booming very fast.

For the laptop market, VAIO get the bigger market share. VAIO is stand for Visual Audio Integrated Operation, which come across with the music and video together.

The factors in the technological environment also including the high R&D budgets, R&D is stand for Research And Development. Take an example for the car, the other country car company keen to make a newer model for two years to three years, they do the research from the customer need, they document what the user like more, and make the development, a new model. But our Malaysia Shit Car Company Proton is remainly same model over 24 years protected by Malaysia. It has no any improvement on that. But one thing is very good that it is the cheapest, Malaysian can afford to buy it. Since all the imported cars, for example Honda, Toyota, Camry, the Malaysia government announced that 300% taxes on it.

Last one, we touch about political environment. In this environment, the more important element is laws. Take an example by Alex, the new law come out from Malaysia this year is every people need belts when sit at the back. So every people need to come across to buy and install the belt. So it help the business to run… Taxes stated by government also a big consideration since last paragraph last sentence we talked about the 300% taxes on imported cars, force most of the people to buy the Proton Car, while Alex also drive this Shit class. And hope he can drive safely since he drive this VERY SHIT CAR, it is dangerous than other because it is a SHIT.

The changing of government agency enforcement also a factor of affecting political environment. Since the Pakistan, even Indonesia, there are many bombing cases done by terrorist, it will leave the business man out from that particular place because it is dangerous to run the business.

Some other countries did run their socially responsible actions, for example in New Zealand, it stated a law that every supermarket need slip the price on the particular products to avoid cheating. For example in Malaysia, the seller can sell the thing with cheaper price for local but higher price for international students. Taking taxi in Nilai is a good example.

The last thing we simple going through is about responding to the marketing environment…

And now I have taken almost three hours to write this long boring story blog, so I hope you, the reader can read it, and give me some sentences of comments, to thank my finger while he is already very tired on typing on the keyboard for this three hours…

OK, tomorrow, will have more interesting part, I will record it down from the Alex’s class, and continue write on this blog, to show to you guys, hope when you are very boring, but you still can learn a piece of thing from here.

Bye, see you.




1. source:wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn
2. http://www.finpipe.com/interest.htm Interest …

Week 2 of User Centered Design

In this subject, the lecturer already distributed the assignment and project to us. The assignment is about designing a gift box, while project is to design a computer lab.

In this week, we first introduced what is user centered design. It is driven by requirements and represents the artifact. We introduced about system development process involved.

Today, we are introduced an quite interesting stuff, MHP, model human processor. It take out how the human processor interact like a system. A lot of theory came out to study MHP.

In MHP, there are three processors involved, cognitive processor, perceptual processor, motor processor. Cognitive processor is how a person think. Perceptual processor is our sense, for example see or hear. In definition, it provides the basic of our knowledge about the surrounding world through the senses.. Motor processor is what output done, for example finger. It seem taking input and output concept on the human system. Input is sense for what we see or what we hear, and output is transferred for storage, for example sound storage on the computer. Each systems has its own memory and processor, for memory it includes storage capacity and decay time (after learnt something and forget it).


Let me summarizes how was the structure of the MHP, Model Human Processor, which theorized by Card. Moran & Newell ’83.


We have working memory which kept memory one or two seconds. However, short-term memory that can kept longer time but will also forget it when it is non-used. Long-term memory is about our birthday, family name that will kept forever.

So, we consists of a number of systems that are relatively independent as regards duration and function, there are Sensory Memory, Short-term memory, and Long-term memory.

Long-term memory has contents of declarative memory and procedural memory. Declarative memory is about concrete information, personal experiences. Procedural memory is some skills, or executable procedures.

Our brain stores long term information by growing additional synapses between neurons (Kandel, E.R., 2001). One argues that brain has a maximum capacity of 100-T-Byte since our brain has approximately 1015 synapses.

Declarative memory has two major subdivision, episodic memory (refers to memory for specific events in time) and semantic memory (refers to knowledge about the external world, such as the function of a pencil). Procedural memory that refers to the use of objects or movements of the body, such as how exactly to use a pencil. (Refer: THE BRAIN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM)

Long-term memory is stored, but not easy to retrieve it. Since we recall it by clues. In design phases, we encouraged design based on recognition instead of recall. An example stated that whatever things in command (recall), but if something located in menu (we only need to recognize it).

Short-term memory comprises the activated sections of LTM called chunks. It holds intermediate products of thinking and representations produced by perceptual system. It will decay caused by time, and also interference, that meant that are difficult to recall if other similar items, activated chunks in memory. Searching in short-term memory is rapid but the information disappears rapidly and can not be retrieved unless stored in LTM.

Sensory memory is something information not meaningful, called raw data.

Lastly, we learnt about what is the Gestalt Principles. The important concept of this is concerned with how we see patterns in visual images. Our mind keen to perceive as much of information out of incomplete elements.

Gestalt psychology (also Gestalt of the Berlin School) is a theory of mind and brain that proposes that the operational principle of the brain is holistic, parallel, and analog, with self-organizing tendencies; or, that the whole is different from the sum of its parts. (From wikipedia definition)


Law of Similarity: as we can see a two different horizontal lines, since the horizontal lines are filled with white colours and black colours circles. Our eyes perceived to group similar things together.


Law of Closure: Since the image is not fully drawn but we will perceived it as a full image, for example we see a circle on the left and a rectangle on the right.


Law of Proximity


That’s all for my study, I do a little revision and find some reference to support me to learn it well. After finding reference, I knew that it is provided in psychology. But in this subject we only study a simple concept. But I think if has time provided I need to study more about that to come out a better design for my projects.

Information Processing Model

Information Processing Model (Taken from:http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/hrd/learning/memory.html)


1. Kandel, E.R. (2001). "The molecular biology of memory storage: A dialogue between gene and synapses". Science 294 (5544): 1030–1038. doi:10.1126/science.1067020. PMID 11691980.


Second Business Class

Today business class was very interesting.

At first, we had met some new students came to our class, actually there were late enrolment, because they had some reasons. Later, Alex began to ask us what he taught yesterday.

After that, he taught us the next topic, Macroenvironment. In this macro environment, it has 5 components. There are political forces, economical forces, social forces, technological forces, natural forces. He taught us just to memorize by PEST+N.

The most interesting one came in when he began his long story.

First, he taught about the social environment. What results of social environment have? At the first sentence, the note told us changing age structure, example Baby Boom.

From Alex, Baby Boom is meant by at one time a lot of baby was born. He taught us that got a time Baby Boom occurred. It was after World War 2, 1946 – 1965. For that people who born at that time now already aged between 44 and 63. Why Baby Boom occurred? It is because at the time between World War 1 and World War 2, the children, if it is a boy, he will sent to military school to learn guns and will not be back when he big. That is the reason why they don’t do SEX at that time. But after World War 2, the United Nation announced that, now that MUST NOT HAVE WAR, now MUST PEACE. So many of people thought that it is the best time to build a family. They began going to have a baby. So that is the reason why our father side and mother side has a lot of brothers and sisters. For my father side has 11 persons if no wrong.

Baby Boom, sounds good or not? Some people thought it is good, but some people thought bad. For a business man, Baby Boom is a big chance to them to earn big money. Why we say that?


At the time Baby Boom occurred, there are a lot of baby born in the world. For a business man, Baby Boom is sounds great. When the baby came to one year old, what his needs? He needs a pamper, milk powder, baby clothes. So the company can sell these things, they will earn a lot of money. When the baby came to one year old to two years old, what else his needs? He needs a baby toy, story books, and etc. So the company can change the way to sell baby toy and these things. To examine the growth of the age structure, to do the effective business works.

And there was a second Baby Boom but smaller one, that is in 2000, the millennium year. This is a special year and also this is the dragon year of Chinese, so many babies were born.

And don’t know what topics we changed to Levis by Alex. Levis is a company who sold Jeans. It was founded in 1865 and registered as a company in 1873. At that time in USA, that rises a cow boy cultures. At that time as so many Chinese moved to USA because want surf for gold mining. They maybe need to live in a camp which made by sail cloth. At that time Levis found that this is a big business if doing a jean. He founded the company which make the Jeans. At that moment Levis is the first company to do this business, and it is very popular. Levis earn a lot from Baby Boom.


At the late 80’s and begin of 90’s, there is the crises suffered by Levis. There are a lot of new Jeans company for example D&G, Armani, there eat up the market of Levis. So as that time Levis nearly closed. But Levis is forced to more creative at that time. When 2000, at the second Baby Boom, there was invented a new type of Jeans.


They keen to be more creative to invent this type of jeans. But at the beginning it is not very popular. While there are a little of people buy it, for example Alex, but most of the people don’t like to buy it even has a try. The interesting one is from Japan, has one time this jean is very very popular and had a big sales in Japan. Why we say so? This is a marketing strategy by Levis. Levis found a way that provides buyer to take a pose graphic when buy the jeans. When the buyer buy that, their graphics will shown on any where, they can show up them, they become a model, anyone has a change to do that. That’s why so many people want to try it. So, I think I can promote my poll application, a web widget or gadget by doing this type of marketing strategy, to let other people to show off their existence.

Back to social environment, the second point is changing size of family, for example two children. At most of the Asian, the size of family remains one or two or three. If four person it is considered many. In Asian, when the man and woman need to go for work, who take care the children. And also have many children it is the burden of them. Nowadays, a person must achieve a degree or at least a master, it need a lot of money, while our parents they only ending their education at primary or secondary. For my father he is junior secondary level, and my mother is primary level.

But for the business man, the changing size of family to less people, it is good news for them. Why say so? Nowadays, the family keen to use money to send their children to swimming class, piano class, a lot of tuition class, class class classes…. It need a lot of money, but they think it is to be worth for them. Nowadays again, the children in primary schools, they not to learn plus and minus again, they need to learn times and divides, the educator thought that the plus and minus is kindergarten stuff. The children need to learn many and many things than before. It is getting harder and harder. So, as we can see, this is the big business that can do. As a marketing counsellor, Alex taught us those things how they do that.


The third point is life-style has to be changed. The roles of male and female are changed. Female become more active in the business. The health consciousness also a big business.

As a female become more active in the business, it is a good news for business man. For a business, there are a lot of business can do from a female. From Alex, the all bodies of female, from their hair, face (the female can , eye, earring, lipstick, necklace, bra (a lot of cup), waist, harry porter liked shoes, even the finger nail (with colours), tattoos can have a big business.

Health consciousness keen to have more consideration for people, for example Western people can buy a healthy food, while it is smaller size. Alex shared with us about sushi is a healthy food because it has no oil while the chicken drumstick is not healthy. As also the Coca-cola, the people like to drink that but when they know Coca-cola will cause healthy problem, they keen to have drink lesser, but they can not swear off the drinking habits. For this reason Coca-cola had promoted a smaller size of tin. The drinker can drink lesser.

Nowadays, the world full of people who better educated and more white-collar population. For Malaysians, the do not want to be blue-collar, the technician works, they more prefer office work. That is why Malaysia government engage a lot of workers from foreign countries.

After that, it is very sorry for me not very hear clearly the thing after the point. But I think the thing before is more exciting.

That is all for today class. Hope you can enjoy Alex learning. Note: Alex is my lecturer… (Why direct call his name, because we are friends… But .. if not called him Alex directly, we will be do wrong)

Now, I am expecting to have a next class of Alex as soon as possible.

First Business Class

Today, I went through the first business class, which taught by Alex Leong.

First of all, he introduced his personality and rights again, for the new comer.

Today, we went through the Chapter 1 that is a Business And Its Environment

When talking about the definition of business, he first asked us what we understand about business. And later got some jokes happened. At first when he asked me I couldn’t get a clear answer while I have done the assignment of e-commerce last two semester. I giving an answer that buying and selling of service…

So, by the notes, the real definition of business, it combines input of raw materials and skills to gain benefit.

And then we went through the three major economic activity. There are finance, production, and marketing. I always giving answer of Internet-related, like web hosting service, social networking service, and etc. He talked us that 2009 is a bad year because we will see it at the next six month. Many big business and organization already fired thousands of workers, some nearly bankrupt and seek for help from government. Even the Malaysia’s Shit Business, Proton, also nearly bankrupt but haven’t take any actions. What I thought that is web hosting service I don’t know what will happen of it while I am doing this now. But I think this is the best time for rising of social networking service, for example Facebook. With the open API provided by Facebook, many of the developers or organizations already gain benefit from that. Social Networking Service, or SNS, it is the new place for businesses to find profit. It performs new way or new type of business, different interaction than before, so I think the next term we would make investing on the SNS.

After that, we talked about the business objectives, what means of stakeholders. For example in INTI, the lecturer, students, parents, DELL or DHL there are stakeholders of INTI. We also learnt that the profit is the main consideration for a business while there are also have non-profit organization, for example, general hospital, zoo, and museum. We touched the survival and growth of a business and also talked about the private owner and employees. if me, I will choose private owner more than employees. Because I don’t like controlled by other people and always do the same action. I like the creative works. But maybe I will choose employees because of living environment.

Next, we talked about the business environment, which divided into micro and macro environment two parts. Micro environment has the speciality of specific, internal, controllable, and it is direct environment. While Macro environment has the speciality of general, external, uncontrollable, and it is indirect environment.

After that, he taught us the english pronouns, what is the difference of english in New Zealand and ours.

Later, he taught us how to remember the elements of the micro environment. First, we have a suppliers, it sell raw materials for the company and its competitors. Then it will through the marketing intermediaries, such as supermarket, INTI Mart, 7-11 to sell the products. And later the customers buy the goods from there. And also outside got the publics.

And that is all of teaching today.

First HTML class

Today, the Friday morning, 8.00 a.m., I attended my first HTML class in INTI. It is quite excited when come to study HTML, a markup language to design web page.

First of all, my lecturer, called Miss Leow, she is a Chinese teacher.

In this class, she taught us the simple thing of HTML, HyperText Markup Language, from the simple HTML open and close tag, then taught us head and body of the web page. She taught us some simple text formatting knowledge and simple symbol. Some symbol I haven’t see it before. Here I do some revision for the symbol.

Symbol code It will show:
© ©
® ®
× ×
÷ ÷

And also she taught us the superscript and subscript then I use this write a chemical symbol.


After that, she taught me the marquee and also give us a home work to find that what else the properties can put inside of the marquee to determine its direction, behaviour, and etc.

These are stuffs that learnt by today.